We are not related to the pylint project. Yes, we know that it is awesome. But, it has some drawbacks:

  1. It makes a lot of type assertions. And does it incorrectly. Since we use mypy there is no sense in this feature. Without this feature a lot of other pylint features looses its point as well

  2. There are less existing plugins for pylint than for flake8

  3. It uses custom ast parser and library, which can be problematic

  4. It is not strict enough for us. So, we will have to write our own plugin no matter what platform we use

However, it is important to mention that pylint is less radical and more classic in its rules.

wemake-python-styleguide and pylint shares a lot in common. They are almost compatible with each other. The difference is in:

  • Several minor rules like class Some: vs class Some:

  • Error codes

  • Python versions, because pylint covers more versions

  • wemake-python-styleguide is stricter and finds more violations than pylint

We also run pylint on the wemake-python-styleguide source code with the help of and keep the errors count at 0.


You can also use pylint together with our linter if you want so (however, we do not recommend to use pylint at all) with the help of flakeheaven.

See flakeheaven docs for more information.