Autoformatters are very simple tools to do just a one thing: reformat some basic stuff in your code like quotes, commas, and line length.

The difference between a linter and auto-formatter is huge:

  • auto-formatters pretties your code a little bit

  • linters force you to write beautiful and correct code

For example, auto-formatters won’t tell you that your code is too complex. When your linter will (in case it is a good linter).

Autoformatters are also useless when dealing with rewriting actually bad code. Like code with bad variable names, unreachable branches, statements that have no effect.

We in believe that these kind of tools are not required, because a good linter will just not let your badly formatted code pass the CI, so there would be no junk to reformat! All code is perfectly formatted all the time.

Rely on strict linters, not auto-formatters.

However, if you still want to use some autoformatter together with wemake-python-styleguide we have made some research to help you!


autopep8 is the best choice for wemake-python-styleguide users.

Is officially supported in way that all code written inside wemake-python-styleguide is tested to be valid autopep8 code. But, not the other way around.

Since wemake-python-styleguide is the strictest linter it cannot be pleased by outputs of autopep8 in 100% of cases all by itself. Most likely, you will need to refactor a little bit more manually (brainly!) to please wemake-python-styleguide after autopep8 formatting is done.

There are also plugins for IDEs to run autopep8 on safe:

There’s also an awesome tool pyformat that wraps autopep8, autoflake, docformatter, and unify.


isort is a great tool to sort your imports. We already use it to validate that your imports are correct. We recommend to use isort and officially and support it in a way that all valid wemake-python-styleguide code is valid isort code. But, not the other way around.

You might be required to refactor your code manually after isort reformat to make wemake-python-styleguide happy.

isort can also be invoked as a command line tool to fix all your import problems for you.

We recommend to run isort after autopep8. They are also compatible.

There are also plugins for IDEs to run isort on safe:

You can find the configuration we use in setup.cfg in this repository.


In case you use autopep8 we also recommend to use add-trailing-comma to format your enumerations, calls, and multiline definitions beautifully.

It is compatible to wemake-python-styleguide. With pyformat, isort, and add-trailing-comma you will get more features as in black.


This a very complex autoformatter written by Google. It has like lots of configuration options!

We were not successful enough to configure it in a way that our style is respected. The main problems are with new lines and trailing commas: sometimes they are added, sometimes removed.

If you have a working configuration for both yapf and wemake-python-styleguide, please, let us know!


wemake-python-styleguide is not compatible with black. Let’s go deeper and see why.

black itself is actually not compatible with PEP8 and flake8 (docs), that’s why it is not compatible with wemake-python-styleguide either. Here are the violations that black produces:

  • Quotes: for some reasons black uses " that almost no one uses in the python world

  • Trailing commas: black strips trailing commas and this makes adding new code harder to review, since your git diff is polluted by a comma change, the sad thing that trailing commas as a best-practice are quite popular in python code

  • Line length. Violating rules by 10%-15% is not ok. You either violate them or not. black violates line-length rules.

And there’s no configuration to fix it! Shame, that official python-org product violates the community standards and not enforcing them.